Dreams take time.
Work takes effort.
Success takes courage.

Your emotional, physical and spiritual health has a direct impact on your personal and professional relationships and successes. With our diversity of specialties within the consulting and coaching staff, we are uniquely qualified to offer a complete and well-balanced professional and personal experience that can combine coaching, counseling, and consulting into one.

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The Power of White Space in Your Day

By Linda Wilcox | August 5, 2022

Being intentional with white space can help increase productivity and refocus the mind, improve creativity, reduce stress, boost engagement with co-workers, and improve mental health. 

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Active Listening is a Forgotten Communication Skill

By Dr. Donald Gilbert | July 19, 2022

Active listening is a forgotten communication skill. Learn how active listen can help you communicate more effectively.

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Finding (and living!) Your Why

By Dr. Donald Gilbert | July 5, 2022

Do you want more fulfillment and joy in your life? One of the easiest ways to do both is by finding your WHY and choosing to actively align your life with it. What Is Your WHY? Your WHY is your purpose for being. It’s your greatest passion. It’s the beliefs and values driving you to be your best self.

Dr. Don Gilbert

Dr. Don Gilbert

Linda Wilcox

Linda Wilcox

Dietitian & Wellness Coach
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Sarah Heimbruch

Marketing & Branding Consultant


What Others are Saying


I have been with  Dr. Don for many years.  I came to him on the recommendation of a friend. His faith based and common sense approach to the bumps and pot holes of life really helps me focus on what is important. I consider him a great friend as well as a very gifted and engaged teacher. He truly cares. 

Radiant Church

Finding wise Godly leadership to help you navigate the ups and downs of life can be difficult in today’s world. Dr. Gilbert’s years of experience and training have uniquely equipped him to provide common sense advice and practical solutions to help you find healing from the hurts and pains of life and  assist you in exploring strategic solutions to take positive next steps in your journey. Whether it’s a speaker at your next event, personal counseling, or advising a team, I highly recommend Dr. Gilbert. 


Dr. Don Gilbert is a man of god that uses Christ's teachings to guide and help when you seek his counseling. He will take the time to personally connect with you and is not afraid to speak about his life experiences as examples, and to let you know that you are not alone in tough times in your life. Knowing that he has helped me in so many levels, personality, spiritually and mentally is amazing. Dr. Don will show love but he will also tell you the things you don't want to hear about yourself. But, you know that he cares so much that you know you need to hear the truth about yourself. I can honestly say that he has save my life with his help.