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In the recent years, new research has been able to help us identify more accurately the functionality of the different brain systems and how they interact with each other. It is helpful to be able to understand these new discoveries and how this new knowledge can help us assist clients in their journey of healing and growth.

During this course you will be learning specifically about the six brain systems, their function, problems, and conditions that may result from an overactive or underactive brain pattern.

Training objectives:

  • To know the different brain systems involved in mental health concerns
  • To understand each of the brain system’s intended functionality
  • To be able to identify the kinds of problems that can happen when that brain system is not functioning well
  • To learn what kind of mental health conditions may be the result of the dysfuntionality

Added bonus material: Overview of extensive research study by Amen Clinics on the differences between male and female brains.

Continuing education course brought by:

Dr. Donald Gilbert, MS, PhD, LMHC, BCPC, CISM-1

Licensed in Iowa since 1994 (#00178), Owner and President of New Life Counseling, author, speaker, and trainer. Certified Dr. John Maxwell Team Member, Certified in Dr. Amen’s process of treatment of ADHD.

This course is specifically designed for continuing education for licensed counselors.

Workbook will be provided