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There is enough downside already

The Upside of Life

The Upside of Life is a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Don Gilbert, PHD, LMHC in 2010 with the thought that there is enough downside already. Based on “Up” principles from scripture, The Upside of Life exists to provide education, support, and resources to help professionals and ministry workers thrive in their work and life. The Upside of Life works to create partnerships with professionals and organizations to provide education and resources.

Currently, the Upside of Life is working on a grant that would broaden its capacity in partnerships and create a new level of care by providing access to mental health services and training opportunities in rural Iowa counties.

The Upside of Life is always looking to make new connections and partnerships. For more information about the Upside of Life or to partner with Upside of Life please contact Linda.

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The Mission

At Upside of Life, our mission is to provide education, support, and resources that enable professionals and ministry workers to thrive in their work & life.

The Up Principles by Dr. Gilbert

Speak Up: The Gift of Understanding
Grow Up: The gift of Maturity
Listen Up: The Gift of Presence
Clear Up: The Gift of Forgiveness
Connect Up: The Gift of Intimacy
Make Up: The Gift of Resolution
Step Up: The Gift of Responsibility